5 Things To Do During Winter Break

It’s school vacation week! The kids are home from school...now what? Currently we’re sitting under several feet of snow so going outside isn't always an easy option. So if you’re stuck like us or are just looking for some inexpensive ways to keep yourself and your kiddos busy, read on...

Have an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun activity that can be modified for your child’s age. I designed this one with my 5 year-old in mind.  He had a lot of fun running around the house looking for each object. For older kids, instead of listing the object try writing a riddle as a clue for each one.

Bake Cookies

Who doesn’t like cookies? Making them at home is a fun activity that can include the whole family. Younger kids can help dump in the ingredients and older kids can measure out the ingredients themselves. Go for an old favorite, like the Original Nestle® Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies, or try out a new one. You’re sure to find some that make your tummy rumble here.

Be Scientists

Keep their minds busy while they’re out of school. And don’t worry, they won’t even know they’re learning. We like to come up with a hypothesis first and then record the results. Science experiments don’t have to be messy, but they can be. (We’ll be trying that one thiis week for sure!)

Try one of these not-so-messy experiments today!
  • -Drop a dirty penny in some lemon juice, leave it for about 5 minutes and see what happens.
  • -Find small objects around the house (raisins, Cheerios, a toothpick, coins, Legos, and cotton balls are all good for this one) and drop them into water. Kids can guess if the object will sink or float.
  • -Pour about 6 ounces of soda water (or clear soda) into a clear cup or glass.  Drop 5 raisins into the soda water and watch what happens. The bubbles of carbon dioxide will make the raisins “dance” up and down in the glass!

Build a Pillow Fort

Not much to say here but that pillow forts are awesome! I loved building them as a child and I love building them now. 

Have a Family Game Night or Movie Night (or Day)

Get out the Checkers, Candy Land or any family favorite and just have fun! One of our current favorites is Hisss™ by Gamewright. Bonus points if you make your own game with some cardboard by drawing the path and coloring the spaces. Use tokens from other board games, or coins, as markers and decide whether you want to use a spinner or dice to move around the board.

Pop some popcorn, grab some Junior Mints and turn off the lights.  It’s time to sit back and watch your favorite movie. We like to set up pillows and cushions on the floor to make our own extra comfy seats. Now you won’t have to worry the chatterbox behind you (or being the chatterbox if the case may be.)  But don’t forget to turn off your cell phone!

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to do something a little different while the kids are home from school.  And remember, it’s only a week.  What are some of your favorite indoor activities for kids?

..  Laura  ..

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  1. How fun!! These are really great indoor activities, I can only imagine what it must be like right now with all that snow. I hope your kids enjoy their week off-- I'm sure they will!


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