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This is a creative lifestyle blog about the many things I do (whether creating, cooking, spending time with family or the different places I go.)  It will also be filled with things that make me happy and smile.  I started this blog on the suggestion of a good friend. She'll be popping up here from time to time, I'm sure, as she's agreed to adventure, inspire and do with me.

About Laura

Hello. My name is Laura and I'm the she behind the "Oh, The Things She Does!" blog.  I'm originally from Cape Cod, MA and now live outside Boston with my family.  I work full-time as General Manager of a brewpub as well as fulfilling mommy duties at home.  It can be difficult but I still find the time to make, create and do the things that make me happy.  This includes knitting, baking, going places with family & friends, cooking and other assorted hobbies.

I like the challenge of doing things myself.  I love figuring out how things work.  I often find myself looking at a piece of clothing, an accessory or product and saying "I bet I can do that." I'm always poking at friends' sweaters, scarves, and body products.  They don't seem to mind...too much.  I love sharing what I create with others.

In 2009 I became mom to a wonderful baby boy who is fast becoming an incredible little man.  
Like any mother, I want the very best of everything for my son. He has more toys than a 6 year old could imagine (or a thirty year old mom could step on), but more importantly, my greatest realizations (that are many and ever-evolving) are what it is that I hope to teach this little person about this world and the part he has in it.

Without my noticing, my personality has been changing. To be better. To create. To do more. And as I've grown into my "Mama Self", I've learned new ways to care for my family and for myself. I am learning new ways to live a more happy life that benefits family and community together. To live a more sustainable life. To be healthier. To nurture.

Thank you for reading as I share stories, ideas and other related tidbits. I encourage you to join me in doing.


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