Finally! A Hand Cream To LOVE

I have such a hard time finding a hand cream or lotion that I really like.  With so many choices available commercially, this might seem a bit baffling.  There are literally hundreds to choose from. Don’t believe me? Walk into any drugstore and you will be met with countless choices.  The problem is that many of these products are made with petroleum based formulas that I just don’t like.  They’re sticky, don’t absorb well or leave my hands feeling greasy. Not to mention the manufacture of petroleum is just plain terrible for the environment and not sustainable.

So, what was my solution? I started making my own! I like this method because (not unlike cooking my own food) I know what ingredients are going into it. I can adapt the scent and how it feels on my hands, etc.  By adjusting the ingredients, I can create a product that is perfectly tailored to my needs.  Oh yeah- it’s fun too!

Simple Ingredients
One of my very favorite places to find recipes of this kind is Humblebee & Me.  Marie has so many wonderful recipes for lotions, balms and soaps- I can’t help going back again and again to click through the archives.  I’m so glad I found her blog.

One of my favorite (and most simple) recipes from Marie is her Perfect Body Butter Bars and they are just that- Perfect!  I’ve probably made these bars three times since I found the recipe about a month ago. I give them as gifts and keep them for myself. One friend, very lovingly, refers to them as “hockey pucks” because of the shape I make them in.  When I give them to friends I’m always asked for more.

And what’s not to love about these cute little bars? They have a heavenly cocoa butter smell, they’re easy to whip up (10 minutes!), only 3 ingredients, super convenient and you can’t really put too much on!

What are you waiting for? Click on over to Humbebee & Me and make some for yourself!

..  Laura  ..


  1. That looks so cool, I will have to try this! Great post!

  2. Thanks Lauren! They're great and smell wonderful


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